Dub Trubo 2.0 Tip: Make You Beats Jump With A Back Beat

A back beat is the ingredient that will make your DUB turbo 2.0 beats jump out and grab the listener’s ears.  It is like the spices in food.  It gives you beats flavor.

Some people naturally feel a back beat and they put it into their DUB turbo 2.0 beats while others need to be taught to feel it.

Putting A String Back Beat Into Your DUB turbo 2.0 Beats Can Mean The Difference Between Success And Failure

If you already know what a back beat is and you feel it naturally then this article isn’t for you.  You can simply download DUB turbo and make all you beats sound pro, but if you don’t know what I am saying, then read on.

What is a back beat and how do I put it into my DUB turbo 2.0 beats?

Imagine dividing the grove of your song into to sections with 4 beats to it.  If you were a native American from the plains you might have beat it this way.  BOOM, boom, boom, boom. With the first beat being the loudest—this is not a back beat—but if you are a DUB turbo 2.0 user the back beat would be like this. boom,  BOOM, boom, BOOM  For convienience, I’ll number the beats 1 through 4.

With the native American beat, the emphasis or accent as musicians all it was on beat number 1.  With the DUB turbo 2.0 the accent was on beat 2 and beat 4.  OK, that may seem simple, but it is the back bone of modern music and no mater how fancy you get with percussion, synth stabs, and vocals, you need that strong back beat to tie it all together.  Drum breaks are meaningless unless they are set up with a strong back beat.With DUB turbo, you are going to want to put the snare drum on beat 2 and 4 with the kick drum on 1 and 3. So that it will go kick, snare, kick, snare.

What If My DUB turbo 2.0 beat has only sections of 3 beats

Yes, there are the waltz beats.  Most rap, rock and pop music do not use this type of beat, but if you are using it then the back beat comes on beat 2 and 3.

Look, you can play around with cymbals, shakers, strikers, and such, but don’t mess with the backbeat in your DUB turbo 2.0 beats.

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