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What is A DUBturbo Download?

A DUBturbo download is the fastest way to get your hands on DUBturbo and be producing broadcast quality beats in less than an hour. DUBturbo is the 16 track digital audio workstation that makes creating hip hop, rap, rock, Latin air any kind of beat fast and easy. Dubturbo has 16 tracks where you can place high quality sound samples in sequences for play back.

Each DUBturbo download comes with 16 bit samples professionally recorded at 44.1 Khz which is broadcast quality. There are also complete libraries of broadcast quality samples available at DUBturbo for downloading. So all in all you get everything you need to produce stupid, sick beats for less than $40 during this latest promo.

DUBturbo Download Has Changed

Since being introduced in 2010 DUBturbo beat making software has evolved from version 1.0 through 1.5 and now 2.0. When you do a DUBturbo download you are dealing with a company that backs up all of its products with a 60 day money back guarantee and a responsive support system.

It is quite simply one of the most comprehensive, complete and precise beat making software packages for making sick beats you can buy at this price. What sets it apart from other beat making software in this price range is its ease of use and its quality of sound. DUBturbo makes your beats sound like they were recorded and produced in an expensive LA studio.

DUBturbo Download<—GO!
dubturbo download

Buying a DUBturbo download will make your beats sound professional. When you first hit that play button and feel the is one of the most important things beat making software should do for you.

It needs to sound professional and a DUBturbo download will do that for your beats. pulse of your beats it will bring tears to your eyes. The finished sound of a beat

Buying a DUBturbo download, especially during this DUBturbo 2.0 introductory promo period will cost you less than $40. So downloading DUBturbo not only give you a pro sound, but it is so affordable that you could be making beats in less than 10 minutes from now.

DUBturbo will give you a chance to really show your friends and family what you can do. It will showcase you sick beats by making them sound like they were bought from a music store or played on the radio. Don’t kill your beats with tinny sound samples and poor tempo control. Your beats deserve a DUBturbo download.

What Do You Get With A DUBturbo Download?

Of course you get the DUBturbo beat making software which includes…

the DT sequencer with its Keyboard shortcuts that let you maneuver around DUBturbo and produce beats FAST!

dubturbo download

DUBturbo BadAss Drum machine which allows you to use your computers key board to tap out beats and record them in pure 44.1 Khz audio

dubturbo download

4 Octive Wicked Sampling Keyboard – Two octaves of the four you control through your computer’s keyboard (the one you type on), So you can make your tunes using keys, NO NEED FOR MIDI CONTROLLERS – This is standalone! You can access all sounds from here. Sounds like pianos, saxes, stabs, hip hop hits, quirks, bass, bells, and top shelf samples that make your finished beat sound pro.

dubturbo download

A Complete Starter Top Shelf Sound Library These sound samples were produced in a professional studio to ensure top quality. When you use them to make your beats, your beats will sound wicked.

dubturbo download

Who will benefit most from DUBturbo Download?

Anyone who wants to make pro-sounding beats, no matter what genre, an doesn’t have thousands of dollars to invest in equipment will really benefit from a DUBturbo download. Also studio owners that would like a quick, easy way to produce beats for use as bumper music, or backgrounds for radio ads will find DUBturbo a quick solution. If you would like to take your creativity to the next level and get noticed for the beats you make, then a DUBturbo download is a fast and inexpensive way to get there.

DUBturbo Download<—GO!

DUBturbo Download: The Good and The Bad


  1. Very inexpensive and yet produces broadcast quality beats.
  2. Very easy to learn how to use. You can be chopping beats in less than 10 minutes.
  3. High quality sound samples
  4. Allows importing your own sound samples
  5. Makes you sound like a pro


  1. You can’t edit individual sound samples so you have to use what ever sound sample you have as is.
  2. You only get 16 tracks which is more than enough for most beginner and intermediate beat makers
  3. It doesn’t interface with midi controllers

The Bottom Line

If you are a beginner or intermediate digital music producer a DUBturbo is just the thing for you. During this promo period you can get it for less than $40 and it will make your beats sound pro. Since it comes with 4 complete high quality sound libraries, it is ready to go the minute you finish the download.

If you are looking for a freebie or a way to make beats using free software then don’t waste your time looking for a DUBturbo download. DUBturbo is s serious beat maker for people who are serious about their music.

On the other hand, anyone searching for beat making software that can transform their beats into broadcast quality tracks and burn them to CD in less than an hour, then a DUBturbo download at less the $40 is a steal. On top of all of this is the fact that you can download DUBturbo and test it out for up to 60 days and still get your money back if you do not agree that it is the best beat making software on the market for less than $40.


Start making pro-sounding beats today. Click here now —> DUBturbo Download

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Tip 1 Pick the right music production tools

As I’ve stated ahead of there are tons of music production tools out there both hardware and software. I would suggest you get started by downloading demos and testing them out. I’d also suggest that you take a trip down to your local guitar center and ask some concerns. This will also permit you to touch and play with the hardware setups in person rather than just reading about them.

Tip 2 Study The Right Music Producer

There a lot of producers out there in the game it would be sensible to pick 1 or 2 and do nothing but study their operate. I use to sit down with a pen and pencil and write down the instruments I heard in songs all the time. Then I’d spend close interest to which sounds had been used together. Some producers had been heavy on using string and piano combinations and with other songs of theirs. They would use Guitars and thin sounding flutes. I also spend close interest to how lengthy their patterns would run. Most of the time the major element of the song was only two-4 bars that ran all through with only slight variations.

Tip three Chose good hip hop samples

This goes back to tip 2 (Study the producer). What gives that producer you like his edge is the sounds that he uses. So when making music its greatest to choose the greatest sounds feasible. What I’ve noticed over in my years of music production is you can make a really generic pattern sound like gold if you have great sounds… Just assume about it pick a song you like and picture it with distinct drums or distinct sounding instruments. In fact if you are messing around with a piece of software or hardware. Make a pattern that you like then adjust the sounds. You will discover it doesn’t sound as excellent simply because the sounds aren’t as very good. Or what you can do and this is possibly the very best test. When you are in guitar center play the beat pattern from a hot song on the radio you are going to discover it doesn’t sound that very good that will be since you do not have the original producers sounds

Tip four Remake Other Producers Songs

This is essential in your hip hop production improvement for 2 motives. 1. It will get your familiar with the limitations or accurate power of your production tool. two. It will train your ear to choose out good sounds and it will help you with producing very good arrangement abilities. Not to mention it would be wonderful if an individual was prepared to spend you $400.00 to make a beat that sounded equivalent to a hit that was already on the radio. That would be straightforward money in the bank for you.

Tip 5 Practice Practice

It really is an old saying but its true practice tends to make best. In this production game best is not want but the far more your practice the faster you will become at producing beats. A lot of organizations these days do not mind if they have subpar material as they are not music lovers they only care about meeting deadlines. If you don’t think me just listen to some of the music that is on MTV commercials and item commercials they are all really simple and often cheesy but guess what? I can bet you anything the creator of the beat pockets a great three-four figures in every handful of months from it.

Try to have as much confidence as possible after you finish learning an adequate amount about DubTurbo VST Review. So what is next for you is to spend some time at DubTurbo VST Review. DubTurbo is a related area, as you may know, that can prove to solidify your understanding, so remember that.

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